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Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) Launches“Little Kid License” Myopia Awareness Campaign

The Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) recently launched its “Little KidLicense” campaign to continue to raise awareness of childhood myopia and the newtreatment options available. GMAC, of which Treehouse Eyes is a member, invitedjunior racers to the go-kart track for an unexpected eye exam before heading out forsome fun!A recent survey of parents by the … Read more

What Causes Myopia?

The drastic increase in the number of children diagnosed with myopia during the past decade is astonishing — but is it surprising? Not really. When you analyze the causes of myopia, it becomes clear why more and more children are becoming affected by this progressive eye disease.  What Is Myopia?  Myopia, often referred to as … Read more

Pediatricians and Ophthalmologists agree; It’s Best to Proactively Treat Your Myopic Children

Given the rapid increase in childhood myopia being seen in the U.S., the American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their guidance on managing myopia in children. Both organizations now recommend children play outdoors more to delay the onset of myopia, and support proactive treatment of myopic children to reduce the progression and eye disease … Read more

3 Reasons Why Kids With Myopia Need to Spend More Time Outdoors

Most parents are aware of the many benefits associated with children taking part in outdoor activities. The obvious benefits of fresh air and physical exercise aren’t the only perks for kids who play outdoors. Recent research showsthat increased “sun time” can actually slow down the progression of myopia (often referred to as nearsightedness), or even postpone … Read more

Myopia Management

myopia management

What is Myopia Management?

You may have heard of nearsightedness or shortsightedness. Well Myopia is the inability to see things clearly that are close to your eyes. This usually happens when you’re a child and it can progress fast unless it gets treated properly. Myopia treatment can slow down or even stop the progression of your child’s myopia.

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