Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) Launches“Little Kid License” Myopia Awareness Campaign

The Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) recently launched its “Little Kid
License” campaign to continue to raise awareness of childhood myopia and the new
treatment options available. GMAC, of which Treehouse Eyes is a member, invited
junior racers to the go-kart track for an unexpected eye exam before heading out for
some fun!
A recent survey of parents by the Global Myopia Awareness Coalition found ​​”… half of
the parents reported their children spent more than four hours using electronic devices
each day during the pandemic, compared to 18% of parents reporting the same
behavior prior to the pandemic.”
Most children don’t notice anything is wrong with their vision until it starts to really
impact their activities. Eye screenings done by a pediatrician are important, but they
don’t always pick up on myopia, especially at lower levels. This is why GMAC decided it
was more important than ever to raise awareness of myopia and the treatments
available. Watch the “Little Kid License” video now:

In the same survey mentioned above, GMAC discovered that “… more than 70% of
parents believe their pediatrician will flag any issues related to their children’s eyesight
and, almost the same amount trust that their child would say something if they had
vision issues.” Unfortunately, this is often not the case.
But, why is this such an important problem to face? Myopia develops rapidly as children
grow. Remember, your child’s eye grows like any other part of their body as they age.
Since children are prone to growth spurts, naturally their eyes are as well. Myopia
occurs when a child’s eyes grow too fast, leading to blurry distance vision and greater
risk for eye diseases later in life.
We know the start of the school year is insanely busy with back-to-school activities
along with the everyday obligations of work and life, but it’s now more important than
ever to find a provider that understands how to diagnose and treat your child’s myopia.

Give your child the tools they need to succeed! To schedule your child’s back-to-school
eye exam, call us today!